Payment and delivery

After you have placed your order one of our managers will contact you to discuss the price with you and confirm the order. We will then send you an invoice by e-mail. Full payment must be made in advance. On average it takes 20 minutes to place an order. Delivery takes on average 1-2 hours, depending on the delivery address and traffic conditions. The delivery charge is calculated individually for each order- you can find out the exact cost from the manager. If you do not need your order to be delivered to your door, then you can collect it from the Café Pushkin Patisserie instead.

Payment can be made by bank card*, using the following payment systems:

*All the information which you provide to us is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else. Your bank card details are encrypted before they are transferred. If the amount required for the order is on your card, this amount will be blocked and deducted from your account. All operations using cards are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Visa International, MasterCard and other payment systems. A special security technology for on-line card payments is used for sending data, and your data is processed on a safe and high-technology server. When you have successfully completed the operation you will see that the payment has gone through – if this does not happen you will need to start the ordering process again.