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Café Pushkin Patisserie

The Café Pushkin Patisserie opened in 2006, next to the restaurant of the same name. Andrey Dellos personally managed the interior design of the Patisserie, transforming it into a Moscow icon – a symbol of the French tradition of refined and sophisticated confectionery. The luxurious baroque dresser with antique Chinese porcelain, the furniture in delicate shades of silvery greys and pastel blue, the gilt and cut glass – all these elements combine to create the unique and magical atmosphere of an 18th Century French palace. The staff are dressed in period costume, adding to the atmosphere and transporting guests from the modern capital of Russia to Paris, Venice or Saint Petersburg, as they were in the distant days of kings and emperors.

But, naturally, it is the desserts themselves that make the greatest impression on visitors: the head pastrycook and sweetmaker is a virtuoso master of his art, who creates unforgettable cakes, biscuits, iced desserts and sweets, decorated with berries and gold flakes, – real works of art. All the desserts are made entirely from the very highest quality ingredients, delivered to the Patisserie directly from France.

The Café Pushkin Patisserie is ideal for those who want somewhere to meet and talk. It is a wonderful place for tea with the family, a romantic date, a chat with friends or a business meeting. Guests can not only enjoy tea and coffee with desserts, but have lunch or dinner – they are welcome to order dishes from the menu of the neighbouring Café Pushkin restaurant.