A sweet love confession

An eloquent sweetness of confession, a delicate taste of hope, rich flavors of the holiday and a capturing tenderness – these are the desserts for lovers on Saint Valentine’s Day by Café Pushkin Confectionery and its Pastry Chef Damien Piscioneri.
Monamour is a special dessert for the most romantic holiday, it’s a heart afire combining the excellence of vanilla cream and Pecan cake with white chocolate and creamy caramel.
If your partner is in love with white chocolate, or if your lady-love is melting at the very thought of truffles, so Café Pushkin Confectionery has a special gift for them – a box made of white chocolate containing delicious mango marmalade, pistachio caramel, truffle with cherries and many other delicious sweets.
You can try and buy festive gifts for your beloved ones since February 12th only in Café Pushkin Confectionery.
The cakes by our maestro Damien Piscioneri ordered in Café Pushkin Confectionery are genuine confectionary masterpieces. This romantic day, they can be an unforgettable love confession.