Delicious desserts for Valentine’s Day

Tenderness, sophistication, sincerity offered by delicious desserts at Café Pushkin specially for Valentine’s Day … Sometimes you do not need words to say ‘I love you’.

The Feast of Saint Valentine is a day when snowy and frosty February cannot restrain an impulse of real spring feelings. On this day, it is customary to give valentines – touching red hearts made of paper, cardboard, porcelain …

Café Pushkin is ready to help you choose a Valentine gift on this special occasion. The Chocolate Heart is there for your darlings. One glimpse at it, and even frozen hearts begin to thaw. The burning red, dull velour, silver petals and perfect form disguise the pronounced and delicate taste. The luscious biscuit in perfect harmony with raspberries and the rich taste of black chocolate mousse is softened by white creamy ganache. The dessert is a declaration: the full-bodied flavor and the perfect composition will express your true love.

The dessert will be available at Café Pushkin several days before the holiday – on February 9.

The true connoisseurs of exquisite sweets will snatch an opportunity to pamper their beloved ones and dear ones. Especially on this occasion, our confectioners serve the Berry Freshness cake: crispy streusel with fragrant berry confit and snow-white mascarpone cream with a lemon touch under festive red velvet.

Hand-made truffles, chocolate sweets, macaroons and cakes made to order – Café Pushkin has everything ready for the holiday.