New desserts in patisserie Café Pushkin

New desserts for the devotees of French chocolate created by pâtissière chef Nina Métayer at Café Pushkin are the perfect antidote for the autumn blues and dreary weather.
The pâtissière is serving up a festive menu of autumn desserts featuring a new creation every month.
Autumn has descended on the city. Leaves are falling, the northern winds are blowing and the sky is drizzly and gray. It’s time for flavored coffee, ripe citrus fruits and the delicate sweetness of chocolate – time for new desserts from pâtissière chef Nina Métayer at Café Pushkin.
Chocolate is taking center stage this autumn. Meticulously inspected choice grades imported from France. Dark, milk, flavored chocolate with coffee beans or lavender flowers, chocolate beaten into velvety mousse or cream, chocolate Bavarian cream, sponge cake, macarons, and more… the new menu includes five new desserts.
Autumn blackberries have a distinctive, more emphatic taste that makes a statement in Blackberry Chantilly. The dessert is made of berry cream with chocolate on a crumbly shortbread crust crowned with a few macarons. There’s also a bit of intrigue: chocolate tints mask the inky color of the blackberries yet reveal unusual taste notes.
Summer days in Provence, sun, wind and fragrances… Chocolate Lavender is made from a tender sponge cake with chocolate mousse and berry compote in a composition that boasts a subtle lavender flavor.
Banana Mousse and milk chocolate is a classic. Add some milk cream… and “perfection” is the only word that comes to mind.
For coffee aficionados, Nina Métayer has concocted a special treat: the Caramel Latte dessert, a shortbread biscuit with coffee mousse and milk cream under a burst of caramel icing.
Raspberry Symphony, a sunny yellow cake with a sprig of red currant and gold leaves, is another delight. Raspberry, sponge cake and chocolate Bavarian cream make a traditional trio in this arrangement by the chef.
Café Pushkin will be offering guests an autumn-themed dessert as part of its festive menu every month this fall. In September visitors tasted the chef’s take on the famous Vienna Sachertorte with chocolate ganache and a touch of apricot. October will feature the cherry Black Forest Cake with cherry punch and gelatin. November guests will get to try a Hungarian classic: the multilayer chocolate Dobos torte with caramel. All desserts cost 390 rubles.
You can savor all these desserts at the café, relaxing in the exquisite atmosphere of an eighteenth-century French palace, or have them delivered to your door by ordering from the new online store.