New Year collection of desserts

The New Year’s holiday is practically synonymous with fairy tales and fairy tale — themed gifts. What if those gifts were indescribably delicious? As a tribute to the coming holiday, the legendary pastry shop Café Pushkin has created some special treats. There’s a gingerbread house made from a flavorful honey dough and covered in snow-white icing fit for a king. Of course, it’s the exact one the children in Charles Perrault’s tale found in the dense forest. And there’s the storybook carriage made by our master pastry chefs from chocolate and decorated in gold, just like the one that took Cinderella to the ball. Pride of place on the holiday table will be given to a chocolate-nut jewelry box cake with multicolored sweets: lollipops, gingerbread men and a red-bellied bullfinch proudly perching on a branch of a fir tree. Or you can enjoy the surprise cake: Grandfather Frost’s red hat hides a pure white treat made of airy chocolate sponge cake drenched in Baileys punch with vanilla cream and chocolate ganache. There are also big ornaments covered in reflective icing that haven’t yet been hung on the tree. Our pastry chefs are crafting a sunny yellow ball whose crispy shell contains scrumptiously moist dacquoise cake with hints of coconut, chocolate mousse and raspberry ganache. There’s also a blue ball that’s made from a crunchy wafer and has velvety sour cream coconut cream and white chocolate. Kids will love the white chocolate miniature puppy.

While you’re taking a winter stroll down Tverskoy Boulevard, drop in to Café Pushkin for a cup of tea and select an extraordinary gift for your loved ones.

Desserts from the special holiday menu are available for preorder starting December 1, and they go on sale at Café Pushkin on December 27.